Analytical & Virtual Instrumentation Applications Lab

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An Introduction


Physical distances and the lack of resources make us unable to perform experiments, especially when they involve sophisticated instruments. Also, good teachers are always a scarce resource. Web-based and video-based courses address the issue of teaching to some extent. Conducting joint experiments by two participating institutions and also sharing costly resources has always been a challenge. With the present day internet and computer technologies the above limitations can no more hamper students and researchers in enhancing their skills and knowledge. Also, in a country such as ours, costly instruments and equipment need to be shared with fellow researchers to the extent possible.

With the concept of virtual labs we emphasize on sharing of costly scientific instruments, which most of the students even don't know about it. Further it looks forward to train those students who are interested in distance learning but they are unable to do practicals because of high cost of instruments and other experimental constraints.


  • To learn the basic concepts related to Analytical Chemistry.
  • To share costly equipment and resources, which are otherwise available to limited number of users due to constraints on time and geographical distances.